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A Health Scan for Your Email Addresses!

We notify you if your list contains any warning signs of:

  • Invalid Addresses High bounce rates put your email campaigns at risk, and attempting delivery on invalid email addresses is a waste of system resources. Free List Check identifies undeliverable addresses, problematic domains, and syntax errors, leveraging our vast co-op database of recent email sends supplemented by real-time account checks.
  • Spamtraps Even one spamtrap hit can hurt your sender reputation and reduce inbox placement dramatically. Free List Check inspects your list for any appearance of known spamtraps by leveraging our constantly expanding knowledgebase of trap providers as well as our monitoring of over 100MM retired email accounts.
  • Forced Sign-ups Confirming that list members truly wanted to opt-in is also an effective way to protect your email campaigns from complaints. Free List Check looks for the frequency of addresses associated with reluctant registrations, including temporary/disposable accounts, bogus entries, etc., to determine the likelihood of complaints due to bogus/unwanted signups.


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