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Only *.txt files are accepted, file should ONLY contain email addresses and no delimiters or other fields
Minimum of 1,000 records, maximum of 500,000 records
We will not store or cache your data, it will be deleted automatically after processing

We notify you if your list contains any warning signs of...

  • Invalid Addresses
  • Spamtraps
  • Forced Sign-ups

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A Health Scan for Your Email Addresses!


Free List Check is a tool for email marketers and email service providers to give you a high-level overview of the health of an email list.

Free List Check can help you:
  1. 1. Prevent bad data from entering your platform, by checking a list before you add it to your database.
  2. 2. Conduct manual or regular checking of your existing data, to protect the reputation of your IPs and sending infrastructure.
  3. 3. Get an overview of your data hygiene and acquisition practices, and determine if your list should be cleaned before hitting send.
No cost, Free List Check is completely FREE to use.
This site is powered by us, the email address experts at FreshAddress, LLC We help companies that depend on email to drive revenue by building, updating, segmenting, and cleaning their email lists. We want you to get an idea of what we're capable of, so Free List Check is a chance for you to "try before you buy", then you can decide if FreshAddress email validation is right for you.
While you won’t get line by line results, you will get an idea of whether your list contains problematic and/or undeliverable addresses. The email report looks like this.
A spamtrap is a valid, deliverable email address that is exclusively used to receive unsolicited email. Read more
If you receive a Free List Check Report and decide you would like to take the next step and clean your email list, contact us about using our SafetoSend email validation service!
Yes, the security of your data is our top priority. FreshAddress adheres to the ISO 27000 series of standards for information security best practices. Read more
The service was built to process larger lists, and can handle lists up to 500,000 records. We encourage you to upload larger lists for the most accurate results.