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Jon Tejeda
Free List Check Report - 4522
Prepared for Company ABC
File Name Company_ABC.txt
Records Submitted 4,075,343
For performance reasons, your file was sampled and these projected results are marked with an
Report Date 4/7/2020 11:16:51 AM
File Highlight: 302,173 emails in your list are a risk to your sender reputation, including 10,666 confirmed spamtraps and 220,316 invalids.

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Valid Finding: 3,745,697 (91.9%)
Email addresses passed all hygiene and protection checks. Some of the email addresses in this category may have an unknown deliverability status and should be messaged carefully as some bounces may occur.

3,745,697 valid
The email address is expected to be deliverable (not bounce) when sent a message. The paid version of our service will specifically identify those that are guaranteed SafeToSend.

Warning Finding: 294,210 (7.2%)
Email addresses are deliverable-but-damaging, deliverable but not industry practice to use them, or hard bouncing.

220,316 invalid email account
The email address failed AtData’s deliverability check
32,674 bad domain
The email address is associated with a domain that no longer accepts email
(10,666 confirmed Spamtraps)
The email address is a confirmed spamtrap, suspected spamtrap or otherwise considered high risk
10,747 EMPS suppression
The email address appears on the ANA’s “Do Not Email List” (Electronic Mail Preference Service). Those who have registered have requested to be removed from national marketing lists.
5,683 role account
The email address has a non-personal handle
3,437 domain specific syntax error
The email address handle does not comply with the rules for that domain
1,941 bogus
The email address is fictitious
1,332 FCC wireless
The email address is associated with a domain that has restrictions on commercial email per the FCC
382 frequent complainer
The email address owner is known to submit spam complaints
190 disposable
The email address originates from a website that provides temporary email addresses OR appears to be temporary
8 language
The email address handle contains derogatory words

Error Finding: 7,963 (0.1%)
Email addresses are incomplete or contain many syntax errors.

4,794 bad top level domain
The email address has a missing or invalid top level domain
1,265 bad character
The email address has prohibited or other unusual characters
1,027 contains multiple typos
The email address does not meet RFC standards and/or has multiple errors
304 multiple @
The email address has multiple “@” signs
145 double period in domain
The email address has multiple periods in the domain
141 double .com
The email address has multiple .com‘s at the end of the email address
66 starts with a period
The email address starts with a period
36 period following @
The email address has a period after the ‘@’ sign
7 missing username
The email address is missing the handle portion of the email address
2 bad length
The email address has less than 6 characters or over 100 characters
1 missing @
The email address is missing the “@” sign
0 ends with period
The email address ends with a period
0 missing domain
The email address is missing the domain portion of the email address

Duplicate Finding: 27,473 (0.5%)
Email addresses appear more than once on your list, or within our suggestions.

27,473 duplicate
The email address is a duplicate of a valid email address already in the file

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